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Haystack Geotechnical, LLC

GroundScouts often partners with Haystack Geotechnical LLC, a support company for 
Geographic Information Systems, (GIS Mapping, Geo-Spatial Analysis, Presentation, 
Reporting and Asset tracking and management).

Years of experience specializing in GIS for the Oil and Gas industry allow Haystack to 
quickly respond where other outfits are just “gearing up!” In fact, GroundScouts had 
many options for our mapping department and found that their consistent work product 
made our work product look as good as the great efforts we poured out.

GIS is integral to most of our industry’s needs and at GroundScouts, we rely heavily on 
accurate representations of the system. Haystack provides that in a simple and straight-
forward way. Original right?!

Try this on! Over the years we have had our hands into many mapping projects. 
Some very small and simple but others that spanned states. In every one of them 
the ownership of the data was a question in the end. Not here! At any moment our 
clients want to end, they need only request their data. We don’t send out static PDF’s 
of past maps and run! We work to make sure that every layer file, provided by or paid 
for by the client, is IMMEDIATELY provided electronically upon request. Now that’s 

Although we wanted to single-out Haystack here, for the sake of giving kudos to their 
people, GroundScouts appears seamless to its clients in the creation, analysis and 
reporting of any mapping needs. This is far deeper than a sub-contracted endeavor
Haystack represents the GIS, mapping and Spatial analysis arm of our company. If it 
gets mapped, Haystack had a hand in the quality.

“A speedy and quality mapping response that gets lost in the focus of 
dedicated professionals. They don’t know another way to do it!
Thanks Haystack.” - Jim Garner