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James Garner, (JG3)

VP Codes and Compliance Mitigation

Jim started his career as a Master Electrician in Maryland in 1966. In 1970 he expanded his 
business and became a contractor specialising in dental offices in the DC, Maryland, Virginia 
and West Virginia areas. With decades of real-world experience and a desire to teach, he 
took time to become an instructor on state codes and regulations to prepare electricians and 
plumbers for the Master Exams.

Jim is a certified electrical, plumbing and building inspector for the state of Maryland. He is a 
commercial Fire Marshal Approved Electrical Inspector for the State of West Virginia. He has 
served as an expert courtroom witness on building codes in West Virginia and Maryland.
Jim has served on various boards and committees in Maryland and Arizona dealing with zoning 
issues, creating building codes and is currently serving as the chairman of the Town of Payson, 
AZ Design and Review Board. 

Jim became a private pilot in 1979. Since then, beside flying every chance he gets, he has 
become an aircraft mechanic with FAA Inspection Authorization. He began operating Against 
The Wind, an aircraft maintenance facility in 1998.

Today he is bringing his expertise in Federal, State and Local codes to GroundScouts. His 
ability to navigate the often-times “muddy waters” of bureaucracy, gives our clients an ability to 
plan and execute a path to compliance within the required regulations and time-limits.
Jim meets with state regulators, auditors, inspectors and officials to make sure GroundScouts is 
YOUR expert in the complexities of regulations. He knows the codes inside and out so we can 
advise our clients on the correct approach for their unique situation. 

New codes, regulations and penalties are in development right now, but Jim’s expertise has 
already allowed one of our clients to completely avoid pending penalties far in excess of our flat-
rate costs. He can do the same for your company. 

Almost 50 years of experience in the halls of legislation, compliance and how to interpret codes 
in order to avoid needless penalties while increasing the worth of your existing systems? 

Yes! He’s that good.