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Jonny Garner

VP Field Operations

Mr. Garner, Jonny, earned his Associates Degree in Business Management from Garrett 
College in McHenry, MD. He went to work helping his father; managing two crews in the 
family’s electrical and plumbing business. As soon as his father’s business was running 
smoothly, he moved to a position with Support Group, Inc., where he managed Tier One 
support for CompuServe and WordPerfect. Jonny was responsible for Quality Control for the 
WordPerfectionist Newsletter, a WordPerfect® accompanied publication which many publishers 
still remember as the first from home desktop-publishing newsletter.

After years of success at Support Group, Jonny decided that he wanted to run his own 
business. His love of music allowed him to become a 20-year business veteran in Maryland, 
Pennsylvania and West Virginia. As owner and operator of Sounds Fun Entertainment / 
JonnyRock Mobile Services, he became the preferred event and wedding DJ in the tri-state 
area, growing to operations of 9 simultaneous sub-contracted DJ’s, all directed through his 

As a DJ, Jonny is most proud of volunteering his time and services for various charity and 
non-profit events, most notably the wildly-popular “Deep Creek Dunk”. The Dunk is a major 
fundraiser for Maryland Special Olympics, which routinely raises between $80,000 and 
$100,000 during every year’s event.

Never sitting back, he decided to act on a challenge to jump into the Energy industry as an 
opportunity to travel and work in different areas of the country. While contracting with Trinity 
Energy, he worked on many different projects from abstracting to leasing, ROW and seismic 
permitting. After a short time he would be managing those crews using the same techniques 
that brought him previous successes in motivating teams of contractors. 

While working in Ohio for a client dealing with decades-old wells and pipelines, Jonny started 
putting the pieces together that would end up satisfying an industry-wide puzzle; to find, map, 
to analyze and automate the legacy systems that today hold new value in HBP status, and 
Marcellus and Utica trade. Working with Jim Garner, GroundScouts, LLC was born!

Jonny is the field connection for our clients. Every client has assets in the field that are more 
than just the pipes and wells and charts. Each leased property owner represents a future deal, 
and every one of the well-tenders and managers has unique knowledge about the producing 
systems they oversee. Jonny is the “every-man’s man” that pulls those things together so 
that Management can finally see the pieces.

Responsible for the raw data that builds the management picture, Jonny handles any field-
related issue from schedules, to property owner contacts, to data. If it happens outside of 
the office Jonny is making it work properly. In fact, our company has had such a high level 
of success due to his ability to interact based on a client’s business needs. His expertise at 
managing in both realms, specialized data acquisition and people, will make you wonder why 
you didn’t have GroundScouts digitizing your systems, and helping you into compliance, long