Service Rates

Data Acquisition and Legacy Mapping  

Compliance Mitigation, Consulting & Analysis  

Aerial Drone Acquisitions & Processing  

Ongoing Mapping  

Specialized Mapping  

Specific Object Depth and Location Accuracy   
(Typically for well-sites)  

E-size plots  

Data / Aerial Layers  

Permitting Crews / Sub-Contractors  


  $0.495 per pipeline foot

  $0.695 per pipeline foot

  Unique to each occurrence

  $400 per day in quarter-day increments 
  (negotiated per contract)

  $500 per day in quarter-day increments 
  (negotiated per contract)

  Unique to each occurrence

  $50 per map

  Additional charges may be incurred for some GIS data. 
  10% markup of cost

  At cost, no markup!